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Get to Know your Venue owners

Erica and Jeffrey

Venue | Twisted Roots Gardens LLC | Cement City

Hi, I'm Erica Johnson and my husband is Jeffrey Leffew. We are both originally from Lenawee county.  I am the Dreamer and he is the realist. Neither of us would be where we are now, without each other. We are parents to three amazing children, who keep us very entertained and busy.

I have been involved in the wedding industry for 12 years. Working in catering for 6 years full time, and filling in when needed. Currently working full-time as an Office Manager. Jeffrey and I Purchased these amazing gardens in October 2020, with a vision to create a homestead for ourselves, our children, and future generations.

It is amazing to see all the opportunities our land has given us and all the wonderful people it has connected us with. Our vision is to share our 15 acres with couples and families for years to come. 

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