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Welcome to Twisted Roots Gardens LLC

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What is Twisted Roots Gardens

Twisted Roots Gardens, formerly Hallsons Gardens is an oasis for perennials and pollinators of all kinds. We are located in

Lenawee County just North of US-12 on US-127. We are family owned and operated. We take pride in our land and

what it has to offer not only us, but to everyone wanting to experience the Gardens. Currently, we offer hardy perennials.

Dug straight from the ground, not like any experience you have had before. 

With my passion for gardening, I know the universe pulled me into 14280 S Meridian Rd. When my husband

and I got out of the car we knew. We knew this property was meant for us, meant for our family. 

This piece of land is meant to be shared, how could we keep this all to ourselves?!

Twisted Roots Gardens is now hosting weddings and events clients throughout Michigan. 

Our event season is May - October with availability for 2023-2024.​

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