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Premium Pollinated Mix (4oz)

Premium Pollinated Mix (4oz) - Covers 1000 Sq Ft - Ideal for Zones 3-9

Transform your garden with our specially curated Pollinated Mix, a 4oz packet designed to cover up to 1000 square feet. This mix is a perfect choice for gardeners in Zones 3-9 looking to create a vibrant, biodiverse landscape.


In the Pack:

Our mix features a diverse selection of grasses and wildflowers, each chosen for its beauty and resilience. From the graceful sway of Blue Grama and Little Bluestem to the vibrant hues of Swamp Milkweed and Black-eyed Susan, this blend offers a stunning array of colors and textures, ideal for attracting pollinators and supporting local wildlife.


Planting Directions for Zones 3-9:

1. Preparation: Select a sunny, well-draining area. Clear the site of weeds and loosen the topsoil.

2. Sowing: Ideal planting times are late fall or early spring. Evenly distribute seeds over 1000 sq ft and lightly rake them into the soil.

3. Watering: Maintain consistent soil moisture until seeds germinate, then gradually reduce watering.

4. Maintenance: Low maintenance; occasional trimming and weeding will encourage robust growth.


Why Our Mix?

- Wide Coverage: Efficiently covers up to 1000 sq ft, ideal for extensive gardens or multiple small spaces.

- Diverse Selection: A rich blend of grasses and wildflowers for year-round beauty.

- Wildlife Haven: Attracts a variety of pollinators, enhancing your garden's ecosystem.

- Easy and Adaptable: Thrives in various conditions, perfect for Zones 3-9 and gardeners of all skill levels.


Create a lush, eco-friendly garden with our Pollinated Mix. Order today and enjoy a tapestry of color and life in your outdoor space!


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